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La Visitación de la Santísima Virgen / 31 de Mayo – 627º Aniversario / Año: 1389 / Es cierto que desde el nacimiento de la Iglesia fue este divino misterio objeto dulce de la veneración de los fieles; pero su fiesta no se instituyó hasta el tiempo de Urbano VI, confirmándola y publicándola su sucesor Bonifacio IX el año de 1389, para extinguir el funesto cisma que despedazaba la Iglesia con dolor y llanto general de todos los buenos.

Años 1301-1600

Monday of the Fourth Week of Advent - December 21 Daily Meditation: “Blessed are you who believed that what was spoken to you by the Lord would be fulfilled. Luke With just days until Christmas, we.

https://flic.kr/p/6rk73T | Ascension of Christ | VLUU L200  / Samsung L200  This icon depicts the Ascension of Christ into Heaven being carried up by four angels. This is a combination of two different prototypes. It was painted for the Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary (OCA) in Monongahela PA, and was completed in May 2009

The first four Archangels (Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel) stand in the four corners of The Great Throne of God. A blessed Ascension to you all!

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When Joseph awoke, he did as the angel of the Lord had commanded him —Matthew The Mythical birth of a child from a virgin !

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As Jesus walks through the crowds that greet him, they shout hosanna.

Jesus rides in triumph into Jerusalem. The multitudes greet Him with shouts of Hosanna to the Son of David.

"Cristo Sacerdote Eterno"

Discover the collection of icons of Christ, such as this Christ the High Priest Icon, today at Monastery Icons.

Bilder der Bibel - Einzug Jesu in Jerusalem - Julius Schnorr von Carolsfeld

Amidst the joy that begins Holy Week, someone always dredges up an unfounded conjecture [today’s example here] which says, “Apples are oranges.” That is this—that the crowds who shouted, “Hos…