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15 Hilarious Childhood Photo Recreations

These childhood photo recreations are amazing! #Parenting

I already knew the lyrics to every song before I had seen the movie woops

Oh good I thought I was the only one. This is so true ha. Never sleep with your back turned lol

The only thing i really relized with this is that that hat he weres is in very high supplies in dippers honetown or when he lost a hat he had thought his years he grew no attachment to it and thought "forget that old hat that was apart of masking my birthmark though out my childhood. The pine tree is more marketable."

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OH MY GOSH THAT NEVER CROSSED MY MIND I MEAN WHAT WOULD PERRY SAY (well truthfully we ALL know what Perry would say) AND HOW WOULD HE FEEL IF HE KNEW HE WAS FIGHTING PHINEAS'S FATHER OH MY GOSH well maybe why that's why Doof and Agent P treat each other as friends most of the time OH MY GOSH