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Cynoches loddigesii

Cynoches loddigesii

Art Forms In Nature (1928) by Karl Blossfeldt

Karl Blossfeldt

Free Picture: Head of an Allium, Garlic, Plant About to Bloom - Black and white stock photograph of the head of a Garlic allium plant showing the flowers about to bloom from the head, taken by Karl Blossfeldt.

Zoology Artist of the 19th century makes lasting impression on artists of today. Many technical art projects are inspired by Ernst Haeckel, from public venues to the museum. Dozens of artists use computer skills to satisfy their admiration of the original ocean creature artist of modern learning. Haeckel had a rich curiosity and a strong desire to share his learning of science. His lectures were attended to capacity.   Science and art are entwined for the student of Ernst Haeckel.

Popular Book "Art Forms In Nature" Becomes Victorian Era Entertainment

Diatoms - Ernst Haeckel Art Forms in Nature: The Prints of Ernst Haeckel (Monographs)

"Art Forms in Nature" (1928) by Karl Blossfeldt (1865 - 1932), a German professor of design in Berlin.

"Art Forms in Nature" by Karl Blossfeldt - a German professor of design in Berlin. (might wanna relate to earsnt haeckel).

Ernst Haeckel - my supervisor asked me to do some lit searches for him a while back on this fellow... Usually literature searches are *boring* and tedious! This was amazing... Love Haeckel's work!

Illustration by Ernst Haeckel Image Plates from Kunstformen der Natur, Artforms of Nature pixels

Ernst Haeckel ~ Art Forms in Nature

Article on website about humming birds. Humming Birds: A color plate illustration from Ernst Haeckel's Kunstformen der Natur, showing a variety of hummingbirds. From top to bottom: ruby-thr.