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BIg Dog Healthcare / www.PetWellbeing.org

BIg Dog Healthcare / www.PetWellbeing.org

Adopting a new puppy? This checklist gives you a great list of everything you need for your new adventure. Let your new dog have everything he/she needs!

New Puppy Checklist - Everything You Need for Your Pup!

Congrats on deciding to get a new puppy! Do you have everything you need? This new puppy checklist will help you on your way to getting ready.

Canine Bone Cancer: The Big Story on Osteosarcoma

Infographic: Canine Bone Cancer

Osteosarcoma is an aggressive cancerous tumor that develops in the bone cells of a dog and rapidly spreads throughout the body resulting in death. There is currently no cure.

Fish Oil for Dogs: 11 Benefits you Need to Know

Fish oil for dogs has been on the market for some time. This post will educate you on the benefits of fish oil for dogs and your questions answered.

Effect of Training in the Dog’s Brain – Infographic – Pooch Portal

Great infographic about how a dog responds mentally to training.

You can ease any anxiety your dog has easily. https://www.animalhub.com/separation-anxiety-dogs/

When Your Dog Has Separation Anxiety, Here's How to Help

Separation anxiety with dogs is somewhat common. These are simple ways to calm your dog when he is nervous and easily lessen canine separation anxiety.

Veterinary Pet Health Care : 8 Droolworthy Dog Friendly Backyards

Love the plant/flower boxes outside the ugly chainlink fence. For our dog Minute