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Skype Logo - Design and History of Skype Logo


As 20 marcas mais preparadas para o futuro

Roxy Quicksilver Logo Roxy is a clothing brand for women owned by Quicksilver. The logo is comprised of two Quicksilver logos to make the shape of a heart. Consider me mindblown.

Tips For Creating Memorable Logos @bsueboutiques

Tips For Creating Memorable Logos

History is sometimes staying the same. Through all the years of Coca-Cola the logo stayed the same.

Coca Cola vs Pepsi in Branding. Coca Cola never had to change THEIR logo

Com o passar dos anos marcas famosas mudaram drasticamente sua identidade visual.

Confira o antes e o depois de 36 logos famosos


Evolution History of Famous Logos Then and Now

The Psychology of Color in Branding

The Psychology of Color in Branding

Oreo Cookies so addictive

Ultimate Family Resource By Family Bloggers

The white text looks like the creme inside the oreo cookie. The blue border gives is a cool vibe and makes me think of cold milk. It is very simple and easy to read also. It is successful since it is versatile and easy to recognize.


I am a loyal Apple fan/Mac user. I think Apple is a decent company with great visions, clear goals, and excellent customer service, despite some of its quirks