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Pride and Prejudice and Kitties: A Cat-Lover's Romp Through Jane Austen's Classic

Classic Jane Austen goes purrrfectly with classic cats and this charming mashup will make you imagine cats whenever you read Austin.

You missed a spot.

Why Do Cats Meow At Humans

Moose on summer vacation.

Apparently they like paddling pools too

I live in Alaska and I've seen mama moose bring their calves into a yard to play in these pools because they know they will be safe there. It's the neatest thing to see a brand new moose calf frolic in your yard. Pure happiness on gangly legs.

Stop. Everything past here is sold.  Please stop here. Everything past this point is sold. But instead enjoy some Kitty Kat Yoga off the Sofa. CAT Accessories

Stop. Everything past here is sold. 😊


While ultra-realistic pencil drawing of humans are difficult, animals are even more complicated thanks to their unique features such as fur and whiskers. That didnt stop Paul Lung from creating this perfect representation, though.

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Double the Cuteness cute animals cat kittens pets basket siblings precious kitties

Turkish Van Cat

beautiful odd-eyed cat---She looks like my cat Crystal and she had eyes and was deaf. The Vet said almost all white cats with odd eyes are death.

Silver Tabby Maine Coon http://www.mainecoonguide.com/health/

Maine Coon Personality Traits

[Silver Tabby Maine Coon] --------**ANI-NEWS: Sterling is on house arrest for scalping tickets at a deli.