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Prince Said Halim's Palace - Cairo

It isn't every day that you come across a new kind of activism, but I would like to suggest model activism as a new term.

Abandoned home in Scotland  Random Abandonings  ~ ♥ #abandoned #ruins #architecture

Ury House, a large abandoned mansion built in the Elizabethan style in It is situated about a mile north of Stonehaven, a town in Aberdeenshire on the north-east coast of Scotland.

what a grand old dame she is, to think she has been left to fall into a pile of rubble what secrets did she hold

Saomeone said Abandoned mansion in Gonzales, Texas. This is my dream house! I said I'm pretty sure this is the Texas chainsaws house!

Abandoned Casino, Abandoned Cinema, Abandoned Movie Theater

Long corridors, grand staircases and ornate tiling - the abandoned Bokor Palace Hotel & Casino. Located in an abandoned French resort town in southern Cambodia called Bokor Hill Station, the hotel has been disused for decades.

Basilica Cistern , Istanbul

Underground cistern Istanbul-Turkey Basilica Cistern September 2014 The pillars were taken from other sites so are not all the same


Bannerman's Castle is the Hudson Valley's most renowned ruin. Bannerman's is the perfect ruin, right down to its location on Pollepel (or Polopel) Island, which is fabled for eerie happenings going back to the

432 Abercorn — Savannah, Georgia. Though most of the horrifying stories surrounding this house are fabricated, people have still captured eerie ghosts on film and been overtaken by negative energy while on the property. It’s speculated to have been built on a burial ground.

432 Abercorn — Savannah, Georgia

The ruins of St Dunstan-in-the-East in London, England

Originally built around St-Dunstan-in-the-East was a Church of England parish on St. Dunstan’s hill, halfway between London Bridge and the Tower of London. The church was severely damaged during the Blitz, with only the tower, steeple, and north and

Abandoned Library

A library book lasts as long as a physcally hurts me, they r not jst books but csigh old books

Virginia Victorian

Old abandoned mansion in winter. I can only imagine the detailed woodwork inside. What a waste! :(( I want this house to fix up and love! So much history to enjoy

.Abandoned Canteene

Abandoned train diner in Buellton, CA. Used to be on the old highway, but the freeway killed it. It sits right next to the frontage road, adjacent to the freeway.