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Philippine Scops Owl Chick

Zoo Praha has managed to parent-rear a Philippine Scops Owl chick. The endangered species of owl lives only in the northern part of the Philippines. Prague Zoo actively contributes to its protection in cooperation with the rescue station for owls.

A Prevost's squirrel (Callosciurus prevostii) named 'Walnut' at the Houston Zoo.

A Prevost's squirrel (Callosciurus prevostii) named 'Walnut' at the Houston Zoo (Joel Sartore/The Biodiversity Project)

On March 13 this Eurasian Eagle Owl hatched at Pittsburgh's National Aviary, the first of its species hatched there and the first hatched in an AZA facility in the past five years. Follow her progress from hatching to TV star, today on Zooborns.com. http://www.zooborns.com/zooborns/2013/04/eurasian-eagle-owl-hatched-at-national-aviary.html

An adorable Eurasian eagle owl hatched at Pittsburghs National Aviary in Pennsylvania. The newly hatched baby weighs only grams, and is developing beautifully. The youngster has already doubled in size in just five days. So cute!

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They're still babies. Look at the body language: Altia, a 7 week old Siberian Eagle Owl, the largest species of owl in the world meets Powys, a 5 week old Little Owl. The pair are being raised at The Scottish Owl Centre in Scotland’s central belt.