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Ugh! Time to switch up my vibration!!

I firmly believe all life's moments are connected

Once You have Conceived it, IT IS DONE., and therefore, YOU can RELAX and Release all control. #Abraham-Hicks.

Abraham Hicks - Law of attraction

If you could channel that impatience into appreciation of the idea, so you're satisfied with where you are just a little bit and eager for what's coming next, that takes that impatience out of it. And when the impatience is gone then the ideas will begin to flow.

Hanna Anerod: “When I’m in contact with my soul I feel: grateful, humble, full of love, full of faith, grounded relaxed, present, brave, safe, happy, giggly, warm and I see good in people, I see soultions, I feel I could accomplish almost anything. When I’m not in contact with my soul I feel afraid, empty, worried, irritated, depressed, sad, angry, unsafe, stressed, shut down and I think too much, I see problems, not solutions.”