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Couldn't eat a whole one

Couldn't eat a whole one

This Eight Year-Old Girl Didn’t Make It Past Her Wedding Night - not just because he forced himself into her > No < he cut her so he could get into her - she bled to death - But, he feels bad about it now!! - And this is the kind of men/religion that they want to rule the world!! - UNBELIEVABLE!!!! - - READ HORRIFYING DETAILS!!

(WARNING: Story is extremely graphic) -- The Eight Year Old Girl Who Didn't Make It Past Her Wedding Night.Her much older husband cut her so he could penetrate her, she bled to death.

Ideias Batizado Menino

Ideias Batizado Menino

Farker lilyspad reminds us about what's important in this week's Caturday thread on Fark

Faith in Humanity Restored This man did the right thing I would do the same for my pets


I want to watch Tom & Jerry cartoons whenever I see this Street Art. Very funny!


How many tennis balls can you hold in your mouth at one time? The answer for the dog in this picture is three. Now that is what I call a big mouth!