Not Facebook or twit-ter! Pin it all! Pin it aalll! These cats are super cute~! I don't care if it's 2 a.m.! Let's scroll some more!

Why hasn't anyone ever made a thing for Elsa singing, "Let it go" but made it pin it all.

Frozen Characters On Facebook

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha this MADE MY DAY! When Oaken goes Yoohoo at the foot comment, I laughed so hard that I almost peed!

Ahjhjhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SHIP! SHIP!SHIP!

An amazing good fan art story. This is so cool. I thought the rabbit was supposed to be Luna's patronus at first. If you don't ship Jelsa already, this will make you ship it.

O my god PERFECT frozen moments in real life!!!

Random persons comment: I love this! Going to start doing this with my mom…. My comment: I'm way to lazy to send frozen texts to my mom.

I am so so sorry I keep on re pinning this adorable gif....then again I'm'll just have to "let it go.."

Libro de Fotos (Jelsa, Kristanna, etc..) - 56

Whoa... <<<< *heart beats insanely fast* *touches it* shh shh shhh... be still... *sniffles and a tear drops* its just a movie... its... just... a...

What Anna has been feeling comes out viciously, instead of the sweet way it did in the movie.and this is so sad!

THANK YOU, whoever made this. #stilllovethesefilms #andthumbelina

Anastasia and The Swan Princess were part of my childhood movie foundation. Quest for Camelot is a more recent but I love it just as much. And poor Princess Eilonwy - I remember you!