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Hunting puma , cougar, catamount, mountain lion whatever u want to call it

L’œil du fauve

Fox Lion Print - Wild Animals - Photo Art Prints - Close up - Nature Photos - Wildlife Photography - Nature Wall Art - Black and White Photo.

Beautiful mother tiger w/ baby tiger

A female white albino tiger, Tigrylia is seen with her newborn cub at the Skazka Zoo in Yalta, Ukraine. Tiger gave birth to four cubs, including a rare albino tiger on May (AP Photo/Skazka Zoo)

Mama tiger whose babies passed away...to relieve her depression, zookeepers wrapped piglets in tiger skin, and she adopted them as her very own babies. God has created a wonderful world that we would see if we would only think outside the box a bit!

A mother tiger lost her cubs due to premature labour. Since tigers are endangered, every effort was made to secure her health. Zoologists wrapped piglets up in tiger-print cloth, and presented them to the mother tiger.

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We couldn't finish the week without sharing nature's most perfect black and white. The zebra's background color is black, and the white stripes and bellies are additions. Each striping pattern is unique to each individual zebra.

Crazy for treats

Page 2 of 2700 - Funny pictures and memes of dogs doing and implying things. If you thought you couldn't possible love dogs anymore, this might prove you wrong.

Asian Golden Cat | Stuart Robertson Reynolds | Flickr

The Asian Golden Wild Cat The Asian golden cat (Pardofelis temminckii, syn. Catopuma temminckii), also called the Asiatic golden cat and Temminck's cat, is a medium-sized wild cat of Southeastern Asia.