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Taxpayers, unite for Americans first! Let charity take care of the refugees.

(Obama is such a pussy, maybe he needs to put some more of his ogre wifes moisturizer on his hands cause he's scared to get them dirty.

This GUY is an arrogant ignorant asshole supreme. Obama can do wrong - and everything is the Republicans fault according to him. He an Anti-Gunner too!

Amerikkan Justice

No knocks but I got a right to defend my home from Uknowns. Innocent or not theyll find a way to hang you

We leaning to the legt also care fir our men &women in blue, regardless of the color of their skin. When a person drives a speeding car directly at police in the street, is using adeadly weapon and actoin should be taen to stop that vehical from hitting ANYONE. No one shoukd be shooting at police or ANYONE. People need to be held accountable for their actions regardless of color. Deomocrats agree with you on this matter. What the hell is wrong with people today?

Libs don't think our heroes in blue count towards the blm racist agenda. That's deplorable

Let me tell YOU a little somethin somethin!

You work for me. Why don't you tell me why the DHS think they need a billion rounds of ammo?

Liberals hate veterans.....especially armed ones. Now all of the alleged shooters lately have had libtard backgrounds so this is an excellent idea. The young children will have protection and firsthand examples of patriotism!

Employ Veterans, I've already asked to be on the "list" if they ever let this happen.

A Picture is worth a 1000 words....

It's all how the paid off media wants you to see it, if you want no guns move to Venesuala, no gun rights, murder capital of the world.

This is what a hypocrite sounds like. Same situation, same ideas (personal variation notwithstanding), different outcome based on one's opinion of 'worthiness.


U are so racist in saying that! African American's are so quick to play the racist card. We don't hate on Obama because of his skin color. We hate on him because he's an idiot and screwed over America!

The problem is I don't think there was ever time when everyone had morals and or even just common sense

With so many things coming back in style. I can't wait until morals and intelligence become a trend again. Seriously though.