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Cliquez pour accéder à la fiche du livre : 'Le Monstre de métal'

Cliquez pour accéder à la fiche du livre : 'Le Monstre de métal'

Кровососы, демоны и роботы-ковбои. Топ новых фантастических сериалов…

A Mechanized Sculpture of Yul Brynner as the ‘Westworld’ Gunslinger Robot at Monsterpalooza

Jack Coggins.  #vintagescifi

Rockets, Jets, Guided Missiles and Spaceships By Jack Coggins and Fletcher Pratt Random House, New York

Anne Francis & Robby

vintage everyday: Futuristic Ladies – Promotional Shots for the "Forbidden Planet"

Cheetah Robot Leaps Over Obstacles

Cheetah Robot Leaps Over Obstacles

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JF Ptak Science Books Quick Post [Image source: the wonderful Frank Wu (sci-fi fanasy artist) website, here.] This is the delightful and reaching cover art by the great Frank R. Paul for the October 1929 Science Wonder Stories, illustrating "Into.

Weird Vol. 02 #1 (Eerie Publications, 1966) by Aeron Alfrey, via Flickr

Eerie Publications' Horror Comics Cover Art: Once, Twice, Three Times the Terror

Clayton Bailey and one of his creations

Clayton Bailey and one of his creations

Inner workings of the Avatar Robot at Disney http://ift.tt/2z7s0LG

Back at the end of May, Disney opened an Avatar-themed area (Pandora: World of Avatar) within its Animal Kingdom park.

'Dino-Robot' vintage print

'Dino-Robot' vintage print

A robot dinosaur hybrid shoots heat rays into a crowded city, melting everything and starting fires.

L'Uomo Meccanico_1921 | The mechanical man 1921 - YouTube

A city is gripped in terror as a colossal robot runs rampant in an unstoppable crime spree. The police are powerless in the face of the frig.

Hardiman I, the first attempt to build a powered exoskeleton, by General Electric in 1965

Best Pictures of The GE Edition - GE Reports In the GE set out to create Hardiman, a mechanical exoskeleton that could give its user the ability to lift up to pounds. GIF by Kevin Weir at Flux machine