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Nick Broyd - Hooping - The Drop - lots of crazy moves here... 0:19 Vertical Duckouts 0:52 Cool little Spin 2:00 Axis spin tosses 2:07 More vertical duckouts/ins 3:11 Double hoop drop spin thing? 3:44 Twin Roll-WTF? 4:03 Foot Wedgie Thing

Grace Good: * I like the bit around the 3 minute mark where she tosses the hoop up then catches it on her extended foot and spins it vertically. Cute! *

im going to steal some of her moves. especially the elbow thing and the behind the back spin. I love how she jumps around and makes it interesting!

Babz Robinson's Bad Ass Hoop Dance! |

Hooping - Awesome Isolations

▶ Foldy Foldy Steppy Unravel Twin Hoop Tutorial with Emma - YouTube

Hoop Tutorial - Burlesque Bow

Hooping tutorial-Shoulder duck out. Very good tutorial. Still working on it though haha.

Angel and back - hooping trick Hooray i have to learn this one

▶ Hoop Tips & Tricks: Behind the Back Step Through- Hoopnotica Tutorial - YouTube