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So Brownie parents don't seem to like when you send home one patch at a time, BUT Brownies love instant gratification... So here are my pipe cleaner Discover Keys that I will hand out for the first part of Brownie Quest Journey.

" Grief is my companion, It takes me by the hand, And walks along beside me in a dark and barren land. How long will this lonesome journey last, How much more can my weary heart bear? Since your death, I've been lost in the fog, Too burdened with sorrow and care. People tell me my sadness will fade, And my tears will reach their end. Grief and I must complete our journey, And then maybe I'll find happiness again. "

For my Colby who crossed the rainbow bridge tonight. :( Fly free Colby...Shuffles, Maggie girl, Riley and Whoodie are waiting for you. You are safe are at peace. ♥♥

He was the little boy from Bridge to Teribethia, Firehouse Dog & so many other movies of my childhood!:) x