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Kate Powell Here is my latest drawing, based on Natalya Lobanova’s quote “I tried to draw my soul but all I could think of was flowers”

2headedsnake / Embodied <3

"IMO it's okay to find body hair unattractive, but it is NOT okay to shame/shun people, or respond publicly with 'eww' just because somebody doesn’t.

Donde estés... Florece

‘“From my rotting body, flowers shall grow and I am in them and that is eternity.”’ by Kate Louise Powell

Not into skulls... But this is really pretty

Your inner appearance is hidden behind your outer appearance. You could portray yourself differently on the outside; however, what more important is your inner appearance, and how you build it.

"Scatterbrain" by Kate Powell

This self-portrait, 'Scatterbrain', was part of Kate's exam submission. It combines both traditional and digital techniques, with a photograph of a tree overlaid onto a painted background.

Florescentia is the solo exhibition by Daryl Feril held last The exhibition consisted of 14 pieces exploring graphite & watercolor media. This is the artist's first time creating an all-traditional art pieces as he is usually known for his digit…

High school...gridded artwork - Google Search Interesting move away from typical self portraiture.

x Well, I think that this is one of my personal best and I& pretty proud of it.:D Tools: Colored pencils

Love And Freedom

Love And Freedom

shu84: Kate Powell Illustrations

Roses in her hair Drawings by UK based artist Kate Louse Powell Take me away Fairy girl drawing Butterfly effect drawing Weird fishes drawing Drawing of girl with hummingbirds Mollie rose drawing Holland… Continue Reading →

Pencil, Drawing "Cry" by