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Click to unlock our first secret... #TTGSecret

Click to unlock our first secret... #TTGSecret

Secret Santa poem Card

From invitations to postcards to greeting cards Zazzle has all the Funny Secret Santa cards you need.

New Year's Eve~Party Time

Happy New Year, Happy Birthday, I'm engaged, I got the promotion, I can't believe we're in France!say it with champagne!

I will be an aunt for the first time ever this year. SO I am going to agree with this, yet my sister would too because she has been one for 9 years :)

I am so so so so so excited to be a first time auntie! SHH it's supposed to be a secret until tomorrow but I know what's going on already! SO HAPPY, CONGRATS BROTHER

Beauty secret

12 Shaving Hacks, Tips and Tricks You Need To Know

Shaving beauty tip Heard this a lot. Maybe it works?<-- it does work! Makes legs super soft!

When have you done enough?

Dear Overachieving Boss, When have you done enough