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I decided to head out to the Portales, New Mexico Trails. The trails is on the outskirts of Portales and consists of a mile long path with a beautiful view of the New Mexico country side. I found a beautiful little red, white and blue quilted heart with a small note attached saying ‘You are loved’. I’ve lived in New Mexico for 4 years and to find something so special in one of my favorite spots in the town really made my heart smile. #ifaqh #ifoundaquiltedheart

I work at Diablo Foods in Lafayette Ca & I found a heart ❤️ on my lunch hour walking by El Jarro, it was hanging in a plant outside of the restaurant… Thank you to the person that made me smile! I love it & its now nestled in my Christmas Tree at home. 😘 #ifaqh #ifoundaquiltedheart

I found this quilted Christmas heart at Santa Clarita Methodist Church on Christmas eve, 2016. It put a smile of wonder on my children’s face. Thank you! I feel blessed. #ifaqh #ifoundaquiltedheart

I found a quilted heart today hanging from a tree while I was taking a walk at Tule Springs Park in Las Vegas. What a wonderful surprise! Thank you to whoever left it for me! It warmed my heart and made me smile. #ifaqh #ifoundaquiltedheart

I found the quilted heart in Concord Ca hanging in the bathroom of my work after a really hard week. It was a smile and love I needed and appreciate to have learned of such an awesome volunteer group. Thank you to the person who took the time to make this! The love was received! #ifaqh #ifoundaquiltedheart

I found a quilted heart -At the time I found it, I needed a smile. It definitely did it. #ifaqh #ifoundaquiltedheart

I found a quilted heart today on UNC Greensboro’s campus today! Thank you to the sweet hearted for the act of kindness and the smile today. #ifaqh #ifoundaquiltedheart

We were on a camping trip riding our quads at the Oregon Dunes when we went into town for a few supplies and stopped at the North Bend Visitors center & while opening up a brochure box the quilted heart was sitting on top of the brochures. At first I thought that someone had lost it, but after reading the tag I realized what it was. It certainly brightened my day & made me smile that someone took the time to not only make this heart, but place it where I had found it. #ifaqh…

I work at a cancer center, someone must have left this one here to pass on and brighten someone else’s day. Unfortunately it ended up in the lost and found drawer. I was looking though the drawer this morning and saw the heart. I had to look it up and after reading what it it’s all about, there was no way it was going back in the drawer. I placed it on a vehicle parked in one of the handicap parking spaces on my out to lunch. I hope it made the person smile!! #ifaqh #ifoundaquiltedheart

I found a quilted heart at the SRJC – Thank you…. Thank you :0) This beautiful pink, brown & teal heart with the pink fall leaf and pink & brown polka dotted ribbon made my day. I walked past at first, wanting to take it, but didn’t want to take someone else heart. I came back an hour later & it caught my attention again…. THANK YOU for the smile that lasted all day & I’m sure will continue on…. and for the most amazing quilted heart. Bless your heart…. #ifaqh #ifoundaquiltedheart