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1) The FDA mission statement. Also provides definition of the deal.

The FDA mission statement. Also provides definition of the deal.

This cheese is so versatile and great to add to recipes. You can turn an ordinary napoli sauce (raw or cooked) into a creamy ...

How to Make Dairy-Free Cream Cheese That FIGHTS Inflammation, Not CAUSES It

"We have subsidized a food system that is making us fat, sick and undernourished." - Robyn O'Brien http://environmentalillnessnetwork.tumblr.com/post/56995373082/robyn-obrien-quotation

This Robyn O'Brien quotation is from her Prevention article: “The Food Bailout: How Our Taxes Are Funding a Broken Food System.” She explained: “ If you are one of the countless Americans who has ever.

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A place for dance hall dames, curvy cuties, barroom broads, biker babes and old school cool! Credit to all original uploaders

Kraft Macaroni & Cheese has two food dyes in it: Yellow 5 & Yellow 6. These dyes are being phased out in England and are already illegal in Norway & Austria because of safety concerns. Kraft Macaroni & Cheese has reformulated in Europe in order to provide a safer product that consumers will purchase over there. Sign this petition to request that Kraft use the dye-free formula in the US.

Demand Kraft Drop Yellow #5 & Yellow #6 from Mac & Cheese Online Rally

news media finally on board.

Shock: Fox News Airs Bombshell Report On GMO During Saturday’s “A Healthy You & Carol Alt,” a new half-hour Fox News show covering health and wellness, organic health commentator Max Goldberg joined the program to break down what may be one of the most ha

Sam Walton | Sam_Walton

Sam Walton "Guardian Provider" (Keirsey) ESFJ Extraversion Sensing Feeling Judging (Myers-Briggs) "Hosts and Hostesses of the World" (Kroeger & Thuesen)

What the Drug Companies really want

Supreme Court Rules Drug Companies Exempt From Lawsuits Regardless of Harm or Death Caused By Medications

The digital disruption has already happened | Sharing Economy

The digital disruption has already happened

cancer= industry= $$$.  No 'Walk' will ever end it.

cancer= industry= $$$. No 'Walk' will ever end it.

Captain Chelsey "Sully" Sullenberger, the pilot who successfully ditched US Airways Flight 1549, which had been disabled by striking a flock of Canada geese during its initial climb out, in the Hudson River off Manhattan, New York City, on January 15, 2009. All of the 155 passengers and crew aboard the aircraft survived.

Anatomy of a miracle: How Captain Chesley Sullenberger's skill saved 155 lives

Captain Chelsey "Sully" Sullenberger, Airline Pilot, he landed the infamous Us Airways flight wich landed on the Hudson River

Norway's Prime Minister is doing it right

Norway's Prime Minister is doing it right

Norway’s Prime Minister explains how his country has no national debt: “Corporations pay the highest tax in the world, oil profits are taxed – the opposite of what America does.

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Winslow's syrup for babies not only soothed their teething pain but also put them to sleep, sometimes permanently. The product contained 65 mg of morphine per fluid ounce, along with sodium carbonate, spirits foeniculi and aqua ammonia.