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Vintage Pepperidge Farm Layer Cake ad, published in Life magazine, June 1968

Sears Water Witch. My mom had one and she used it on the enclosed back porch when I was little.

One of these, with/without motors, would be great finds. -- Wonderful Lot of 20 Vintage Sears Catalog Pages from Catalog

Variations On A Theme That No One Wants To Hear... | by glen.h

Stuffed Eggs In Variations And Celery Logs. The variations include olives, as usual.

1957 Food Ad, Kroger Gelatin, "Strawberry Short Cut"

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1979 MCDONALD'S vintage magazine advertisement "Twoallbeefpatties" ~ Twoallbeefpattiesspecialsaucelettucecheesepicklesonionsonasesameseedbun ... You just read the recipe for McDonald's Big Mac sandwich. ~

1979 McDonald's Ad "Twoallbeefpatties"

1979 MCDONALD'S vintage magazine advertisement "Twoallbeefpatties" ~ What the HELL happened McDonalds? Making too much money to deliver a quality product now-a-days?

Meats for men. Do the women have to sit by and have a salad?

Vintage Booklet - Meats For Men - Funny Retro Kitsch - Meat Cookbook, Recipe Book - For General Motors Personnel - Burgers, Etc.

Davy Jones and Maureen McCormick

Davy Jones and Marsha Brady on The Brady Bunch. Maybe my all-time favorite Brady Bunch episode!

Messy Marvin "  (( 1981 )) by tOkKa, via Flickr.. haha Peter Billingsley ..played ralphy in the movie A Christmas Story

Messy Marvin ( 1981 ) Peter Billingsley - Played Ralphy in the movie A Christmas Story.

Kool-Aid, 1951... What Kool Aid has morphed into since then! Seems people are drinking more of it than ever. ;-)

1952 Kool-Aid ad /* some call grape kool-aid and grain alcohol a "purple jesus" - I wouldn't so profane the name of good grain alcohol */