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It just keeps weighing you down till you drown. How I feel with the pain you cause me by using our bpys against me over and over again. I forgive.just to hate more and more. You made my life a living hell for years already JUST STOP

Ever feel like the weight of the world in on your shoulders?

Boulders by Artbymoga on deviantART. A comic about dealing with stress and anxiety! Sometimes it helps to take a little break.

Beautiful!I think this has a deep meaning, like tje "girl" thats "crying" represents mother nature, and the "city" on the gun shows the pollution  humans have done. I don't know about the hand do.

Mother nature killed by polution

I feel like this and giving up..

sinking and never returning

If you had no intention of catching me then don't let me fall.

How I’m Feeling Right Know [This drawing displays the isolation and weight many feel because of mental illness.

three best friends. two in love. one stuck in the middle. the lovers are separated. to be together they must kill their friend. what do they do?

This one is deep.

This is how it feels to be the third wheel >>> As they get closer, you are being torn apart. The guy who's about to get torn apart is the male version of me.

Never let anybody call you their own

when someone steals your art by ~PvElephant on deviantART<<<< [sad] awww

F-I-N-E and you didn't even notice the trembling in my voice when I said that

this is an amazing drawing i love it so much i want to put it on my wall

Probably school

It's a horrible subject but this image captures it beautifully. for a pure-ocd…

It's In My Blood - LGBT by SoraBuck1 on @DeviantArt

It's In My Blood - LGBT.