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THIRD CULTURE KIDS: GROWING UP AMONG WORLDS (Revised Edition) by David C. Pollock & Ruth Van Reken: This is THE book to read to understand expat kids. The 3rd edition is expanded from the two previous editions.

Third Culture Kids (TCK)— Self Identity Accordion Books by Jessica Y. Wen, via Behance

Adult tck magazine- info and articles for people like me!

31 Signs You're A Third Culture Kid

According to sociologist David C. Pollock: 31 signs you are a "Third Culture Kid" This is for both my sister & Hubbie (bc all 3 of us are TCK's) - click link to see how many "signs" we all share ™

"The diversity you have to adapt is incredible. I've seen all these cultures and places, and it has helped me to grow up."

Third culture kid talks about raising a third culture kid. wonderful article.

So Where's Home? explores the unique perspectives and identities of Third Culture Kids, people who have spent a significant portion of their childhood overseas. The purpose of this short documentary project is to understand why third culture kids struggle to answer the question of “so where’s home?” and the implications this difficulty has on personal identity. This project was my final senior thesis project for my film & media studies minor at Georgetown University. Special Thanks To...

reccomendation from a (great) blog post "chameleon, imposter, or third culture kid?"

Ni de aquí, Ni de allá: Los niños de la tercera cultura; relaciones locales, almas globales