THIRD CULTURE KIDS: GROWING UP AMONG WORLDS (Revised Edition) by David C. Pollock & Ruth Van Reken: This is THE book to read to understand expat kids. The 3rd edition is expanded from the two previous editions.

Third culture kid talks about raising a third culture kid. wonderful article.

So Where's Home? explores the unique perspectives and identities of Third Culture Kids, people who have spent a significant portion of their childhood overseas. How many times have you had that reaction when someone asked you where you are from? How many times have you thought about this? How many of you have mostly TCK friends?

"The diversity you have to adapt is incredible. I've seen all these cultures and places, and it has helped me to grow up."

In this short, blog-style article by Doreen Cavajal in the International Herald Tribune (May 28, 2013), an expat mom in France reflects on her bi-national, TCK teenager's culturally complex life after watching Aga Alegria's film "Les Passagers: A TCK Story." [Pin by Heidi Tunberg, TCK Care, ReachGlobal]

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