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John Carter

John Carter

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John Carter: John Carter of Mars

Finally finished it! Here's the colored version of this John Carter piece I posted a few weeks ago-- [link] The pen and ink version will actually be app. John Carter of Mars

Frazetta. This is what John Carter is supposed to look like.

"John Carter and the Savage Apes of Mars" Preliminary sketch & watercolor by Frank Frazetta (ca. "John Carter and the Savage Apes o.

Fantasy Ink: Michael Whelan's John Carter Covers

Michael Whelan - Cover art for Llana of Gathol: The Martian Tales No. 10 by Edgar Rice Burroughs, 1979

John Carter Of Mars Art | Frank+Frazetta

Frank Frazetta Frank Frazetta John Carter 2 online outlet for sale, painting

Frazetta, John Carter of Mars

Frank Frazetta illustration from Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Synthetic Men of Mars, 1974

John Carter Of Mars

A John Carter: Warlord of Mars illustration. And, of course, I included Dejah Thoris. I really enjoyed designing the look and feel of these characters. John Carter of Mars

Ignore The Critics: 'John Carter' Is Fantastic .....I concur! What a pleasant surprise. Highly entertaining. Why look for a deeper meaning when the movie is based on a book about a Princess of Mars??

Ignore The Critics: 'John Carter' Is Fantastic

john carter of mars

22 John Carter of Mars Illustration Artworks

The Geeky Nerfherder: The Art Of Barsoom: Francesco Francavilla & Matt Rhodes

John Carter Of Mars

First Look: Warriors Of Mars #5 and Warlord of Mars #21