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Gold Filled Onyx Earrings Genuine Gemstone by ExquisiteStudios, $43.00
Pink Necklace Pink and Pastel Pendant Dichroic Glass by LehaneArts, $29.95 #group2020 #etsy #etsyRMP
Fireball Pendant Red and Gold Chainmail Leather Cord by Lehane #Group2020
Faith Message Pendant Necklace Tactile Braille Pendant by Cuprum29, $65.00 #TactilePendant #BraillePendant
Handmade Soap Sampler Handcrafted Heaven Multi by LanmomOriginals, $14.00 #handmadeSoap
It's a Small World Hamsa Lanyard by Earthcentricity on Etsy
Russian Eudialyte and Black Moonstone 925 by Earthcentricity
Teachers Gift Coin Purse with Kisslock Clasp
Leather & Gemstone Necklace Handmade Artisan by ExquisiteStudios, $79.00 #group2020 #etsy
Bead Crochet Necklace Illusion in black and by LanmomOriginals, $59.50  #group2020