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T-Michael at the Ceri Vintage party, Florence 2016 #tmichael #cerivintage #leica #leicashot #blackandwhite #travelight #gypsyphototographer

T-Michael at the Ceri Vintage party, Florence 2016

i've been this girl. i am this girl. right now.

Could this bea vision of Afro Utopia? Illustration by Robert McGinnis

If you’re looking for the perfect prom hairstyle, there is certainly no shortage of options. There are pretty boho styles for those who want something more relaxed, unique retro styles for anyone who wants a more vintage vibe, and fun ways to style Afro-textured hair. All of these are great, but what if you just want something, well… simple? You know, nothing too crazy or trendy or out there, but something more classically beautiful – elegant, if you will – that feels timeless.

18 Simple But Elegant Hairstyle Tutorials For Prom Night

Bun hairstyle is regular but equally gorgeous. Looking for gorgeous Bun hairstyle tutorial to recreate hairdo? This article is for you to read on.

African American hairstyle history.  Well written with a great array of photos.

african american hairstyle history

If you know about African American hairstyle history, then you know why, as an African American, we style and treat our hair as we do. The black hairstyle history and techniques originated in African.