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Moon at Night with lone tree, lake painting idea. So pretty.

Night kitten 😙🐙❤😍👫 *kisses gently and lays next to you to sleep* stay safe gorgeous 🐙❤👫😙😍


Glow, Calm, Sunset, Boats, Kiss, Anna

Hammocking is an activity that Dianna and I do. We try to find the coziest place possible, with great scenery, take a nap and have a picnic.

When I'm on vacation at the beach I always take time to quietly sit around by the hammock. It is so relaxing to feel the cool breeze of being.

La Cita del viernes 4 de Septiembre de 2015.  Sobre la capacidad que todo ser humano tiene para tomar sus propias decisiones

La Cita del Viernes (4 Septiembre 2015)

Enlightenment is the final destination of one’s spiritual evolution. The path to this state has been taught by the greatest spiritual teachers of all time.


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