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The only way jeff can drink soda xD

Me: It's the only way Jeff CAN drink soda without it spilling out! XD Jeff: Shut up!

Offenderman_Sketch by JaneZam.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Offendy (Offenderman) soon after becoming a c.p, Zalgo, my dad, introduced me to Offender.it didn't go well.

This is the original post Sally's Revenge on her uncle for almost murdering her. Good job sally ;D Now this is me: Alright time to get Serious Sally was beat by her father and raped by her uncle TWICE then her OWN MOTHER PASSED IT OFF AS A "Bad Dream" YOU STORY MOTHER ARE A BAD MOTHER AND THEN AFTER ALL THAT HER UNCLE KILLS HER

Many of you have asked me what happened to Sally's uncle. Yes, he was found guilty for murder and was sent to prison. Slendy found Sally moping around o. Revenge is Sweet

They all are so fu**ing cute..... I love them all

Human creepypastas/eyeless jack, jeff the killer, ben drowned, masky & hoodie poor boys.but sally is human too where is she!

Marble, Creepypasta