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You got my lifted shifted

Harry Styles ♡ @badtogether

Harry Styles ♡ @badtogether

Harry Styles | Carpool Karaoke | emrosefeld |

Harry can pull anything off😻😻 Literally just give him some old rags he's gonna make them look like they are limited edition gucci🙌

Lux <3 the pic with zayn tho omg

Lux <3 the pic with zayn tho omg

A Week with Harry Styles | 5.15.17 - 5.19.17 | emrosefeld |

The Adorable Styles-Corden Bromance! A Week with Harry Styles


Harry sleeps with his arms crossed because he is use to holding someone

I needed a minute

Nope nope nope nope not today sorry noppeee


I'm in love with those pants

Harry wearing a shirt for the Andrea Lucas Foundation. Read her story and her love for One Direction at http://www.andrealucasfoundation.org/ :)

I love Harry :) Oh and can you all go read my fanfic on wattpad? My wattpad is kcslove. I need you guys to tell me if you like it, how i did, and help me rename it. I'll love you forever :) thanks if you do! xx Okay I'll stop talking now sorry

on the iCarly set

niall horan, harry styles, and narry image

Harry and Niall fist pump (gif).

Harry Styles | ctto: @stylinsonphones

I love On Direction

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Let's just take a moment to observe this row of photos, we have Niall who looks completely weirded out, Harry doing.whatever it is Harry is doing, and Liam. Who looks like a scared puppy.One Direction, everyone!>> I think harry is yelling at someone

Harry Styles | on The Late Late Show | emrosefeld |

I would be right there too, James! :) also seeing Harry so happy there makes me happy, too

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You're gonna kill me.

Harry Gemma and Anne ❥ all three of them are so good looking :'(

They’re all so good looking and I’m over here looking literally like a sack of potatoes