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ZZAAYYNN!!!!! =..-..(

this is not what i needed rn<<Seriously though, I can't handle this anymore

Louis signature look. Love it

((FC:Louis Tomlinson)) Hey I'm Louis, Louis Tomlinson, I'm I have a baby boy named Freddie, he adorable Hayley and Harley are my little sister. I was in the group One Direction.

I just hate what happened the last time about zayn and all this hater stuff. i cant imagine what he thinks about it but someone should tell him that he has so many people standing behind him to support him and who Love him ! he is perfect and no one, not even this stupid hater guys, can change that fact or make him to another person he isnt. so you haters, why dont you try to get a life?

Is it bad that I sing amaZayn instead of amazing just without thinking? I've been waiting for this!

Haha>> Zayn about to sneeze. Harry is looking at zayn. Liam is like well then. and Louis is normal -Shahreena

>>>>yeah I bought thier album to listen to thier faces! *DERP*<<<Harry's face though