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Distributed Social Network https://diaspora.juntadados.org/u/jeanjose

Social Networking Distribution – The Facebook Friends Edition [Humorous Chart] - How-To Geek

I've always loved the idea of not being what people expect me to be 🤘🏻/// #SEECONCEPT is becoming #IZIPIZI ✔️IZIPIZI is universal, colourful, happy and easy 😊 Keep in mind: nothing but the name is changing. The concept, the quality, the packaging, the website, the social networking, the distribution network... all stay the same 💪🏻 I really love my new "Screen Tortoise" glasses 😍 #selfie #girl #inspo #instagram #makeup #nyxmakeup #eyeliner #lashes #eyebrowsonfleek

Social media marketing is in essence just two things. Content and distribution. So how do you make the content move? You need to grow your social networks.

Older social networks are reaching maturity but there are still distinct demographic skews, as newer messaging apps pick up users.

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