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A curious squirrel investigating a bird house. Note the bird waiting for the squirrel to vacate the premises! Where The Wild Things Are

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These are baby squirrels kissing. What cute, adorable, animals! I love animals!

The acorn reach...or...Saturday night fever impersonation?   You choose.

Funny pictures about Saturday Night Fever. Oh, and cool pics about Saturday Night Fever. Also, Saturday Night Fever photos.

This Young Great Grey Owl look pretty stressed with all the sleeping Finches. - Birds

Baby birds cuddling on branch.Cute animal pictures and happy feel good pictures. Steve jobs and bob marley quotes - adorable animals, bulldog

All dressed up!

Funny picture of a squirrel wearing a scarf and a purse which are red.The only thing it needs is a hat, but unfortunately this animal has too big ears

This is Charmin the squirrel in Coyle, Oklahoma resting on ice in the 115 degree heat. Must be sister city to Bakersfield

Squirrel laying on a bowl of ice in 115 degree Oklahoma. I'm going to start putting bowls of ice out on hot days. How to catch a squirrel in the heat

- snow birds in the winter garden-:


- snow birds in the winter garden- birds will nest in birdhouses or anywhere that provides shelter in winter

Say cheese: The brassy red squirrel peers into the lens of Simon Philpotts' camera

I’m ready for my close-up! Inquisitive red squirrel investigates photographer’s camera

Say cheese: The brassy red squirrel peers into the lens of Simon Philpotts' camera