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Tips For Pomegranate Growing: Caring For Pomegranate Plants In Containers

Pomegranates are delicious and high in antioxidants, leading many to try their hands at pomegranate growing. If this includes you, the following article includes info on caring for pomegranate plants with an emphasis on indoor pomegranate trees in containers.

How to Grow Broccoli Sprouts at Home

Broccoli sprouts are an anti-cancer diet essential and there is no better way to eat them than when you grow them yourself. It exert 50 times the cancer fighting power of broccoli, contain potent digestive enzymes, and are easy to grow at home! Click through to learn the step-by-step guide to growing these at home! Article by Deborah Oke. Please re-pin to help us educate others! // The Truth About Cancer

Growing Figs in Containers -- For container figs, select a large pot (15 gallons), fill it with potting soil, and apply water and fertilizer regularly to keep the tree growing well. A slow release, organic fertilizer works best. Replace the potting soil every few years. Keep the tree about 5 to 10 feet tall by pruning in the dormant season.

Cute Garden Ideas and Garden Decorations

How to Dry Pomegranates

Once dried, pomegranates can last for years with proper care.

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Mason Jar DIY Herb Garden

Garden Marker Ideas

How do you identify your plants in the garden after you have planted the seed? I usually use Garden Markers to help me to know what plants are what.