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Aleah Klay Studio: Revised kite and umbrella sailor mouse and teddy h...

Aleah Klay Studio: Miniature Teddy bear winter fairy 5 way jointed bear by Aleah Klay Revised fairy bear SOLD

Marrakech! From Majestic, a Shannon Studio Collection http://www.shannonfabrics.com/shannon-studio-cuddle-collection-majestic-c-856_944.html. FREE download here: http://shannonfabrics.com/download_patterns/Marrakech-revised.pdf. More patterns on Pinterest http://www.pinterest.com/shannonfabrics/

Marti Somers: We Grow (26x20 giclee on paper) -Take me on a wild journey so that I might return and begin again - I wrote this in my journal 10 years ago when I decided to paint for nothing less than life itself. Filling up a blank surface with layers of ideas and miles of energy is certain to be a mind trip. A familiar and unscripted multi-cultural world emerges, layered with edits and revisions from an ordinary day - an emergence of both city life and coastal love where I divide my time…

About 20-25% of pregnant women suffer with a specific pelvic pain from Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD). Are you one of them? Doesn’t everything ache ‘down there’ already? Here’s how to tell.

Monster Blade, developed by the Singaporean studio Nubee, is a game which bears familiar influences from both Capcom’s Monster Hunter franchise & the iOS hit game Infinity Blade & its sequel. Both visual & audio aspects of this mobile game tie in to provide strong first impression that would make it look right at home if it were handheld console game.

Blooms taxonomy see link and also http://www.clemson.edu/assessment/assessmentpractices/referencematerials/documents/Blooms%20Taxonomy%20Action%20Verbs.pdf

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