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Marrakech! From Majestic, a Shannon Studio Collection FREE download here: More patterns on Pinterest

Aleah Klay Studio: Miniature Teddy bear winter fairy 5 way jointed bear by Aleah Klay Revised fairy bear SOLD

Marti Somers: We Grow (26x20 giclee on paper) -Take me on a wild journey so that I might return and begin again - I wrote this in my journal 10 years ago when I decided to paint for nothing less than life itself. Filling up a blank surface with layers of ideas and miles of energy is certain to be a mind trip. A familiar and unscripted multi-cultural world emerges, layered with edits and revisions from an ordinary day - an emergence of both city life and coastal love where I divide my time…

In the time it takes to write two words, you might distance readers from your narrative. Luckily, this common writing mistake is an easy fix.