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Donald Trump has no Clue, has no Plan, and will make nothing great except in his warped imagination.

I’m STILL waiting on the STOOPID fuckin’ to tell me SOME platform that Trump is going to stand on in regards to ANYTHING and ALSO how he plans to realistically pull it off.

Obama White House: "There are no Islamic Terrorist : BASH BARACK

Biggest Global Threat, according to obama isn’t radical Islam spreading death and destruction across the planet, but global warming. Cartoon by A.


where christianity meets islam


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#SYRIA NEWS: The commander of the Liwa Al-Tawhid Brigade, has died of injuries sustained last Thursday in a Government air raid. Abdul Qader Saleh was credited with leading the Opposition takeover of the eastern half of #Aleppo. Video of the Opposition demolishing an Army admin building in 5 seconds flat. Heavy fighting continues around Qalamoun mountains and Aleppo airport. Read More ... http://www.petercliffordonline.com/syria-news PIC: Abdul Qader Saleh

Abdul Qader Saleh nicknamed 'Haji Mari' (doesn't have a meaning), the commander of Liwa Tawhid 'Monotheism Brigade' killed by a Syrian Arab Army unit in a