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"A woman has got to love a bad man once or twice in her life to be thankful for a good one." -Mae West I'm very thankful for my man

I think every woman can agree on this. | "You know what's sexier than a bad boy? A grown ass man with his shit together."

20 Totally Relatable Quotes That Will Make Women Yell 'PREACH!'

Enjoy your bad boy.I'll take the grown ass man you left to be with a redneck loser.

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9 Love Quotes For Fiery, Strong, COMPLICATED Women

Ugh. I should've listened to my inner voice and left him alone. I opened up to a fantasy. Nothing was real. Time to forgive myself, forget about everything to do with him... Isolate myself and heal.

I have a bad habit of searching for beauty in beasts and forever in temporary people

It was you. Always you. But you made me feel like I was bad. I'm not. I am pure and good and kind and honest and loyal. You just suck.

When a man hates himself. rh Sin This! never again will I love a man who doesn't want to change, or knows how to treat me!

"But he keeps calling" she said. You think the devil is going to let you walk out of hell without a fight? Bad men want love too. It's your job as a woman not to confuse desire with what you deserve. It's not a question of whether or not he loves you, it' (Bad Relationship)

Sometimes we all need a little reminder that when someone loves you, they don't put you through hell.

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So true I'm going to connect this to riverdale because why not Betty loves Archie but Archie doesn't like her that way and then when he calls her but treated her terrible she didn't do anything men need to know they can't always rely on us