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Haha, cats got shaved uggs, Omfg, lol!!!!

shawty had them apple bottom jeans, boots wit da fur. this cat is definitely shawty.

This is Spartaaaa!!

La peur de souffrir

The Best Funny Animal Photos and Pictures. Its just the funniest Animal Humor really.

Brilliant advertisements always intuitively plant their messages in viewers' mind. I want to create advertisements that people would one day recall and say "Oh, that commercial? That was a cool one."

Business cat: Catch that red dot is a famous cat meme. The cat is a business cat. Cat’s feel different with the red dot. They likes to chase these red dot made by the laser. - See more 11 Best cat memes

Easter means bunny time! And these pet owners have taken it to a whole new level by dressing their pets as Easter bunnies for our -- and your-- enjoyment. Some are simply adorable . others are just hysterical.


Grumpy Cat is not impressed by the TIME magazine shoot - No way. A CAT made it to TIME magazine? Can I have a TIME photo shoot too?

Remington in a nutshell. especially the quilted northern part. Have to keep my toilet paper FAR FAR away from him.

This picture made me laugh so hard, not because my cat does it but because my brother-in-law Anthony's dogs do this!


Tuesday Funnnies

Today's the day. I can feel it. Today I am going to catch the red dot! he loves chasing the red dot

I will teach my cat to pose as a beard.  EWWWWWWWWWW!

Top 20 Epic Cat and Dog Beards Regular beards are boring. Cat and dog beards, now there's something to talk about! Top 20 Epic Cat and Dog Beards Top 20 Epic Cat and Dog B

Looks just like my Maine Coon with his new hair cut.

American Curl Cat Breeds

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