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Will Marvel's next solo hero movie introduce another one of Thanos' infinity stones?

We Finally Know Where 5 Of Marvel's Infinity Stones Are Hiding

Will Marvel's next solo hero movie introduce another one of Thanos' infinity stones? I think that he'll obviously make an appearance in avengers: infinity wars because INFINITY! It's probably got an infinity stone.

New Respect For The Violin.this musician is amazing!

Lindsey Sterling is the perfect Catharina Spokane for Dance of the Devil's Trill

Avengers Thanos concept art by Andy Park

Marvel Officially Announces Russo Brothers As “Avengers: Infinity War” Directors

Marvel will be publishing two new series featuring the villain this September, Thanos:The Final Threat and Thanos Quest featuring concept art from The Avengers movie by Andy Park on the […]

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Do We Have Enough Avengers?

Who Will Fight in Marvel’s Infinity War?<<<So in other words, the MCU will culminate into these two films and will probably bring an end to what I believe is the greatest film series of all time. <<< Deathlok is not a f**king villain!

Itsays at least a week too you can go as long as you want

There is no downside to this! Imagine how many peoples lives you could change just like that. <<lol no downside except for the utter wreckage of the economy

Actually green lantern protects more area in space than Jedi. And doctor who saves timelines only on earth so technically he would be after super man. But then again technically he protects the same amount as green lantern because there are infinite amounts of timelines. (if I said anything about doctor who that's incorrect it is because the show was too boring so I never bothered watching it.)

Yaassssss the Doctor is King! He saved the Universe and the Outside of the Universe!