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New season/New photos/New life – 20 photos


Life is just better with animals around! Light up your room and spirit with this watercolor blue jay painting. This is a giclee print of an original

Sancia de Luna - Illegitimate daughter of Fernando II by Gabriela de Luna - Assassin

Nina Dobrev-Plays Elena Gilbert on The Vampire Diaries.I love watching vampires…

Vegeta and Bulma I& not big into Dragon Ball but this is a good piece of art.

Nina Dobrev, Vampire Diaries, Vampires, Vampire Bat, The Vampire Diaries, The Vamps

{{ Play him }} He was a monster and fed on other people but I wasn't scared to him no matter what he did. Today I stood before him and he stares back at me while I watch him, he leans forward and our noses are mere inches apart. "You should be scared of me y/n, I could kill you," he paused to smirk, showing fangs. "I hope you know I admire that." {{ Credit to @Calee }}

Delena Ok, so this scene is from the book It was so hilarious and somehow cute, I saw this image in my mind immediately, just had to make it! Actually, it was one of my favorites funny par.

hiba_tan - a girl with a white hair ...

Photo study for fun reference from Michael Green Architecture Brittany Lynn Loftis