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hehee..still cute (Tumblr)

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Henry Cavill.  I saw Man of Steel- gun to my head, i can't tell you what it was about. I had a hard time trying to hear the dialogue over the sound of my ovaries screaming like little girls at a Pretty Princess Party every time he came on screen.

Henry Cavill: Arms of Steel for Man of Steel!Henry Cavill: Man of Steel Green Screen Scenes!Henry Cavill: Kids Used to Call Me Fat CavillHenry Cavill: Shirtless Man of Steel Trailer!Henry Cavill: Superman is Superman, Raves Co-star!

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Henry - Launches Campaign to Support Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust

Gif via eatbloganddie tumblr.  HAHAH CLICK the PIC!!!!!! Hahahaha its gif it moves... It's ALIVE!!! Hahah

Might I be able to assist you there Henry, it wouldn't be any trouble at all and it would be MY ultimate pleasure!