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note from my mom about my move to London and new career that I've made into a poster for my room.

note from [Alicia' Cotter's] mom about [her] move to London and new career that[she] made into a poster for [her]room.

Omg so funny hahah What is your zodiac sign?? I am gemini, therefore i am perv acording to this xD

Zodiac Signs Hilarious lmfao wonder who wrote this Funny.so I am a "prick"

and still think you're a good guy...wtf?! Can You say SOCIOPATH?!!!!

I guess its easy when they actually believe their own lies! I mean really how do you sleep at night! Funny thing about people who lie all the time eventually their lies catch up with them and when they do! Bad thing is others get hurt! Yes!

1236622_10201392208665115_511127632_n.jpg (550×352)

1236622_10201392208665115_511127632_n.jpg (550×352)

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