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'Vogue' in London by our premium brand - Sinetica

Working room

Vogue is a new office created with an innovative T-contour structure and an eye-catching finish. The versatility of sandwiched panels in various materials (wood, glass, melamine) is added to clean lines.

Wooden Office Style - Vogue by Sine Rica

Vogue is the latest creation of the famous brand Sinetica - wooden desk draws the eye with a modern look and attractive grain on itself.

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Sinetica Vogue Desks are created with style in mind and will please any top performing executive with their fine lines and quality finish.

Capco and Bold Rocket   London Offices

Office Tour: Capco and Bold Rocket – London Offices

WME Entertainment - London Offices - Office Snapshots

Office Tour: WME Entertainment – London Offices

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Built-in booth seating in the cafeteria / pantry area from Merkle / Periscopix Offices - London - Office Snapshots