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If all undocumented workers left

If all undocumented workers left: Supply of workers will shrink.

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In the future, there will be sensors that collect data on pedestrian traffic to air pollution. The data collected from these sensors will be able to provide analysts the effectivity of urban planning.

Internet speeds in Africa continue to be slow even though internet infrastructure has been quite excellent in recent years.

Price of ground beef has been increasing over the last five years This has largely been due to the droughts in Texas and California. Droughts have hindered the growth of grass and ranchers.

Hedonistic treadmill refers to the accumulation of new things to keep stimulating happiness.

“Things” do not satisfy people for long due to hedonistic adaption. Hedonistic adaptation refers to the human behavior of getting use to new things.

Marketing to Young Adults

Marketing to Young Adults In the US, 18 to 24 year olds spend on average 91 hours each month on their smartphones.

What is the first law of petropolitics? It is a term coined by the NYT columnist Tom Friedman. High oil prices empowers leaders of petro states to become abusive. Low oil prices take away their.

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Lawyers file litigation claims that are worth hundreds of billions of dollars. Co-founder of consulting firm LexPredict, Dan Katz, has claimed that these analytics features are being incorporated into.