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Why is he soooo adorable?

we are bulletproof!


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*・☪·̩͙ ·˖✶үσυ αяε мү gεт αωαү, үσυ αяε мү ғαvσяιтε ρℓαcε*・☪·̩͙·˖✶

*Imagine* This is V watching you cover his dance part perfectly with your friends.

Miałam to w planach dawno temu, ale dopiero teraz się za to zabrałam.… #losowo # Losowo # amreading # books # wattpad

Reakcje BTS

"When you try to choose you bias but you bias chooses you" Literally, J-Hope, give me a chance XD ok le'mme luv u I know i already pinned this, BUT I LOVE IT SO MUCH! JHOPEEEE SO CUTE >w< he's not my bias in Bts, but I still love him so muchhhh


Love his orange hair ❤️✨

BTS shows off their "Sugar Free" moves | Koreaboo — breaking k-pop news, photos, and videos

BTS revealed a special video clip of Jimin, Rap Monster, and j-hope behind the scenes!The three BTS members randomly bust out dancing to T-…

See this Instagram photo by @bts.bighitofficial • 132.9k likes

See this Instagram photo by @bts.bighitofficial • 132.9k likes

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Jimin loves piggyback rides, or being carried in genral.

That's what we do when we see you it's good youre catching on

Na Tae Hi halb Koranerin Halb Amerikanerin.