Explore Fire And Ice, Neon and more!

This is what It would look like when a fire elemental is preparing to fight and/or use their powers

I'll set you on fire with one touch. ~ETS (Combine fire, glow and crack effect in Adobe Photoshop to create a realistic burning image.

Poi - Fire wings

Poi - Fire wings got to try this, goodbye hair.

♥ fire flower

There is something deeply disturbing and painful to see setting intentionally live flower on fire. I do not see art I see suffering. People please DO NOT do such things. Listen to your heart and choose good over bad.

#spark #energy #advocare https://www.sparkyourgoals.com

BLOOD SHOT ~ 1 part iceberg vodka 1 part peach schnapps 1 part jagermeister 1 part cranberry juice. chill all ingredients, combine in a shaker with ice. strain into a shot glass, then SHOOT!

Ice cube candle! #hulla #hullavapes #hullacandles

This is a good photo because it shows an ice cube acting as a candle, this is disorder because both fire and ice are contrasting and shouldn't work together.

Flaming cocktails for a sparkling evening wink

Pepper Shot Add the amaretto to a shot glass and top with the rum. Set the rum on fire and very carefully drop the shot glass into the beer.This is one drink best to order in a bar and not make at home.