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Ireland’s John Hickey winning the bareback Puissance competition at Oslo [October 15th, 2011] with Cactus.

Ireland’s John Hickey riding Cactus and winning the Bareback Puissance Competition at Oslo last night…what a great jump.

water juuuuuump!

Olympic Jumps

sometimes they look like they're at a track meet doing the triple jump - hop, skip, jump!

I love the back drop of this show jumping ring

How to Wear Equestrian-Inspired Fashion

Equestrian fashion has the essence of classiness and elegance while looking sporty-chic far more formal than your typical athletic outfits. Since Equestrians

Hahaha even GP horses act like babies sometimes! Isabel Werth and Satchmo, the horse famous for his meltdown at the 2008 Bejiing Olympics.

Name: Magic, Owner: Horses Too Love, Breed: Thoroughbred, Gender: Gelding, Entry: Naughty Horse

"You can test it first."

Valentino ended up getting thrown through the jump after Versailles decided to act up, leading to Valentino holding his fractured wrist as he laid still between the jumps

Haha this has happened one too many times to me.

It's the horses job to jump. It's yours to present him with the best possible scenario in order to do so: pace, balance, straightness & positivity!

Spectacular leaps!!! Great ^^

John Anderson and Gesine 36 jumping the water in the 2009 CN International at the Spruce Meadows Masters. Loved riding this horse!

Bad days make for funny pictures :)  www.thewarmbloodhorse.com That's one way to look at it:)

Mexico's Tamara Vega runs after her horse after fallilng off during the horse-riding event of the women's modern pentathlon.