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This 7-Minute, Research-Based Workout Exercises Your Whole Body (headline seems scammy but it is lifehacker so it might actually be a good workout.)

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Would you love to go to the healthy weight-loss spa Canyon Ranch but can't afford the price tag? Work out with one of their trainers at home with this fat-burning workout routine! | via @SparkPeople #fitness #exercise #video

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No Impact Lower Body Workout. This is a great beginner workout! Tone those buns and thighs without the worry of too much stress on your joints. Enjoy :) #noimpact #workout #exercise

how to get post-gym pretty in 10 minutes or less the whole routine is broken down... totally doable!

Yeah I know you've seen these pics from me before... food at my work desk on a Monday. I post these pictures with the best intentions of getting back on track with my health then usually fall off of the wagon by Tuesday or Wednesday... womp womp. NOT THIS TIME!! Today I'm committing to a new program to continue my weight loss journey! I haven't gained any weight during my "downtime" but I haven't lost either so that's not the right direction! I was supposed to wake up at 6:30am to get my…

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