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Balance Your Meals: The Healthy Way. With all the attention on weight loss in the nutrition world, it’s important to remember there is more to losing weight than simply counting calories. Caloric quality is a more important focus than quantity. The idea, focus on health; balanced weight is the natural byproduct.

Leo - I am not bossy .. i am a leader hahaha ok ya i can be bossy ... and overdramatic .. and probably vain --- now quit laughing and go get me some ice cream! ;)

I want this!!

How to Tag & Bag Any Man Using Astrology

Naughty Aries! More ARIES Details: DAY: #4 PLANET: Mars BODY AREA : head, face, jaw. COLORS: All the shades of red

Arrogance makes you ugly.This is so true. If you think that acting imperious, rude and arrogant makes you look strong, affluent and respected..... WRONG! It makes you look like ignorant, uneducated. If you don't know what someone is talking about, don't be rude, keep quite and learn something.

It wouldn't help because her Photoshop skills suck when it comes to her pretending to be a 'Photographer'. Stealing a camera from your job (where you were f'king the loss prevention guy) and pretending you can take photos does NOT a photographer make! Poser! Lmao!