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In this blog, you can find five interesting and real facts about the Apple App store that you should know being an Apple fan. So, what are you thinking just go through this blog, enjoy some real facts.

Lilac & Gooseberries - The fact that CDPR actually animated Geralt breathing in, savoring and loving Yennefer’s perfume blows my mind. Like book details, people. The fan service in this game is so beyond real.

If you can get over the 'fan service' elements, this is a sci-fi comedy which has me totally in stitches - I love all the references to other sci-fi shows - its just utterly brilliant ... and I love the way one of the main themes is that a group opposes the fact that they don't want 'beautiful contact' with aliens on the grounds that aliens shouldn't look like cosplaying catgirls.

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In Defense of the Bastard Bond | Tyler Weaver Dot Com On Her Majesty’s Secret Service would not have worked with Sean Connery in the title role. Connery brought with him too much baggage, and by the time of You Only Live Twice, was sleepwalking through the role. The near-deity status of Connery’s Bond is Connery’s own worst enemy – when seeing Sean Connery play James Bond, you see Sean Connery play James Bond.

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