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Antique (1892) lithograph print - Star Constellation Signs - Pleiades - Cancer - Astronomy - folio size

1955 PLEIADES STARS LITHOGRAPH - original vintage print - celestial astronomy lithograph - constellation taurus

The Hermetic Library Tumblr lilith by ~the-wild-rover "lilith - the first feminist who walked the earth. she was made by the same earth and gravel as adam and for that reason simply asked why she was being denied the same rights as adam. after she

Night Sky Map Click here to download Click here to download // Click here to download The Elegant Universe: Superstrings, Hidden Dimensions, and the Quest for the Ultimate Theory - really enjoyed reading this! Click here to download

the devil - A truly cosmic card in the Stellas Tarot deck is The Devil, namesake of the Korean Drama “The Devil” in which it plays a starring role. In the murder-mystery noir series, Stellas Tarot provides clues to the acts of a serial killer.